Friday, October 25, 2013

Things I’m Not Surprised About

Things I'm Not Surprised About

October 25, 2013.  I was watching the morning news over my cup of coffee, while the headlines were reported in the normal, startling fashion.  As I watched, it struck me how unsurprising the headlines were.  Here’s a few:

·       Angela Merkel (Prime Minister of Germany) is angry that the NSA was monitoring her phone calls.  Wow!  Really?  For those of us who haven’t noticed, the NSA was monitoring all foreign phone calls (and probably ours as well).  I’d be mad if someone was monitoring my calls… (and they probably are).  I’m going to learn Ojibwa and only speak in that language to throw them off for a week or two until they hire an Ojibwa translator. Babiigomakakiis.

·       Brett Favre has memory loss from playing in the NFL.  The NFL, of course, denies that getting crushed by 300 pound men on a very regular basis is bad for you.  I wonder if you went to a doctor and said, “My job requires me to get hit in the head every Sunday for a couple of hours.”, if she’d think it was a good idea.  I used to kick box, I stopped when I figured out there was a better use of my head than stopping punches or feet.

·       The government has spent twice as much on the Obamacare website as Apple did developing the iPhone.  According to the GAO report from June, the Federal Facilitated Exchanges cost $394 million, of which about $363 million was for technology.  That was through March.  CGI Federal (memo to self to take them off our supplier list) charged $93.7 million to build, which doesn’t work (or works very slowly, since about 20 million have visited the site, but only about 18 thousand have actually been able to sign up).   According to Fred Vogelstein, Apple only spent about $150 million to develop the iPhone (note:  I think that number is low). 

So the shocking news of the day?  The NSA has been hacking phones, getting hit in the head is bad for you, and the government spends lots of money on things that don’t work.  It appears that we’ll now have ‘tech surge’ to fix the website.  Maybe they should hire Apple to fix it. 

Gigawabamin Nagutch,