Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Additional Ford Lump Sum Seminars

Reducing Uncertainty™ Seminar Series

Reducing UncertaintyTM in your world is one of our goals at LJPR.
We provide a Seminar Series targeting key areas
where we can reduce uncertainty in your financial life.

Now presenting:

Analysis of Lump Sum Buyouts: 
Everything Ford Retirees Need to Know to Make the Best Decision

Presented by: Brian Roehl, CFP®
Limited seating available

We are still on the front lines for you on the topic of the Ford Lump Sum Buyout Offers.

Reducing Uncertainty™ in your world is one of our goals at LJPR; therefore, we have launched a regional Seminar Series targeting key areas where we can assist in the analysis of the many individual decisions Ford Retirees are facing with the lump sum offer they have received.

These seminars are a unique opportunity for you – or those you know affected by the offer – to sit with two of the nation’s experts on Lump Sum Buyout Offers and receive vital information prior to making the important financial decisions the Lump Sum offer presents. As you know, Leon and Brian are experienced in the analysis of this type of Lump Sum Buyout offer and have received national recognition (including in Business Week, Smart Money, The Wall Street Journal, Detroit Free Press, and more) regarding this topic. Leon has released many educational pieces on the topic, including a White Paper, which can give retirees a start on some of the issues they need to consider when making this decision.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Seminar will be held in the Troy
Michigan Schools and Government
Credit Union Bldg. (Lower Level)
4555 Investment Drive, Troy, MI 48098

Presentations will begin at 10:00am
Questions will be taken from 11:00pm – 12:00pm
Casual refreshments

RSVP Required: or call us at 248.641.7400